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Get to know Next-Generation Ranger

Say hello to the best Ranger we have yet built. Tough, smart and versatile, this Next-Generation Ranger is the perfect partner
for work, family and play. It’s packed with new features and technology for you to get the most out of your Ranger life.

Bigger, Tougher, Smarter

Rear Box Side Step

Attached directly to the frame, this tough integrated step makes accessing the cargo area easier and safer than ever before. 

50mm Increased Width and Wheelbase

We’ve increased the track width to create a more stable and agile appearance. The wheelbase has been increased to create less overhang at the front and to enhance its off-road ability.

C-Clamp LED Headlamps

Flanking the bold new grille, the C-Clamp shaped headlamps give Next-Gen Ranger that unmistakable ‘Built Ford Tough’ look. 

Wider Stance

Ranger’s muscular and athletic design is now 50mm wider. With new fenders and larger wheel arches, Next-Gen Ranger has a more dramatic, sculpted appearance.

Coast-to-Coast Dashboard

With simple and clean lines, the coast-to-coast dashboard features a large integrated LCD touchscreen. Integrated into the doors on each side, the new dash enhances the sense of cabin width.

Embossed Tailgate & LED Tail Lamps

Continuing the Ford truck look in the back, the LED tail lamps clamp onto the new tailgate, which is now proudly stamped with the RANGER badge.

Designed for your Ranger Life

Our job is to bring you the world’s best truck for work, play and family. Letting you live your Ranger life, your way.

The world’s most versatile truck

Better ways to work

Balance work, play and family with the one truck versatile
enough to fit your imagination and tough enough to flex it.

Fits a Pallet

Next-Gen Ranger has a wider track than its predecessor meaning more room between the wheel arches. You can now load a full-sized ‘Euro’ pallet flat in the bed.

Upfitter Switches

Easily connect accessories such as lights, winches and radios. This roof mounted switch bank runs 6 switches via an auxiliary fuse box to key locations throughout the vehicle.

Flexible Seating

Fold-flat rear seats and fully reclining front seats let you arrange the cabin for work, family or play. Carry items inside or relax in the cabin in greater comfort.

Power Where You Need It

Power compatible portable electronics and appliances such as laptops
and power tools straight from the power sockets right there in the load box

Dual Battery

Room for a second battery has been engineered into Next-Gen Ranger’s engine bay across all models. Enjoy the option of adding the extra power you need for work, family and play.

Introducing Zone Lighting on Wildtrak

Front, back and side lights work together to illuminate the vehicle and entire perimeter for safety, security and convenience. Use the centre screen or FordPass App to control the zone lighting remotely.

Next-Gen Power and Capability

3.0L V6




New and Improved Engines

Next-Gen Ranger gives you the engine to tackle anything. Get the power, torque and economy you need for work, family and play, off-road and on. The automatic transmission is more refined, responsive and efficient.

Ultimate Towing Experience

3500kg max towing capacity is just the start. Next-gen Ranger is loaded with features and tech to make towing easier and safer. 

Built Ford Tough DNA

One thing hasn’t changed. Built Ford Tough DNA flows through
every inch of Next-gen Ranger, designed and engineered to be
the one truck that can take on anything.


This mode is designed for everyday use. Tailored to on road driving and calibrated to deal with all conditions.



Maximises fuel economy by delivering progressive power and early gear shifts together with more economical cruise control tuning and tailored climate control strategies.

Tow Haul

For use whilst towing or carrying heavy loads. Optimises gear shift timing to maintain best power delivery and engine braking and reduced shift busyness.


For use on slippery road surfaces. Engine and transmission working in conjunction with unique Ford Stability Control help to reduce wheel spin. .


Tuned to maximise grip during launch and maintain vehicle momentum but allowing wheels to spin up at speed and clear mud from the tyre tread.


For use on soft sand and deep snow. Optimised power delivery and gear shifts along with tuned Ford Stability Control to maintain vehicle momentum and minimise braking distances.

Underbody Protection

Steel under vehicle protection systems have been specially engineered
to shield components such as steering, sump, transmission and transfer case.

Off Road Ready

Next-gen Ranger isn’t just a first-class work truck, it’s an absolute off-road beast.

​Next-Gen Level of Tech


SYNC®4A is a cloud-connected in-vehicle communication and entertainment system. There’s a host of features, made easier by the system showing your last 5 actions. The information cards are simple to navigate using intuitive gestures and SYNC®4A can even make helpful suggestions as you travel. 

Digital Owner’s Manual

No more searching through hundreds of printed pages. Access your digital owner’s manual, ‘how to’ videos, information on vehicle features and a whole lot more – available through your SYNC 4A touchscreen.

Trailer Lights Check

Now you can check your trailer lights even when alone. The vehicle runs a sequence of all the trailer lights including reverse and rear fog lights. Control via the SYNC®4A screen or FordPass App

Wireless Charging Pad

Avoid the hassle of having to plug in your phone. Place it on the Ranger’s wireless charging pad and you are good to go.

Ford Power Up Updates

Designed to evolve over time. In the future, you will be able to secure Ford Power-Up updates, which offer enhancements from updating the SYNC 4A software, to upgrades that improve your vehicle’s quality, capability and convenience without the need to go into the Dealer.

360O Camera - Enhance Your Visibility

From the large centre display, choose from multiple camera views to see more than ever. This includes a bird’s eye 360 degree top-down view, 180 degree front and rear split view, Front off road view and rear trailer hitch view.

A Connected Experience

View your Vehicle Status and receive Health Alerts such as tire pressure and battery levels. Locate the vehicle, unlock the vehicle, activate Zone Lighting (where fitted) and start your vehicle to activate the Climate Control to the last setting.


Ranger’s E-Shifter is a first for mid-sized pickups and delivers simple yet intuitive control with side buttons to select gears when in Sport Mode. 

Off-Road Screens

Dedicated off-road screens provide the ability to have a split screen configuration with front camera combined with a digital pitch and roll screen. Drivers can also activate various off-road modes via the screen, including hill descent control and locking the differentials.

Smarter Climate Control

Smarter, quieter and more capable, Ranger’s new climate control system adjusts faster and more efficiently. New zone sensors and rear vents enable max comfort for everyone in the cabin.


Digital Instrument Cluster

A first for Ranger! Configure the cluster your way by toggling through
screen options via steering wheel controls. Different configurable gauges

Wireless Connection

Connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without a cable in sight.
This cordless connection makes life easy and uncluttered.

​Smart Driver Assist Technology

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Lane Centering*^

Ranger takes cruise control to a new level with an adaptive system that reads the road and makes automatic adjustments for you. Perfect for long trips and busy highways.

Pre-Collision Assist with Intersection*

Ranger can alert you to a potential collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian in front of you and now, while turning at intersections. If you don’t take corrective action, the brakes can apply automatically.


Evasive Steer Assist*

If Pre-collision Assist determines the distance is too short to brake in time to avoid a collision, your Ranger will provide steering support (without steering for you) to help you avoid the obstacle.

Reverse Brake Assist*

Your Ranger can detect if there is an object or pedestrian behind you or a vehicle about to cross at the rear. It will sound an alert and if you don’t react in time will brake for you.

Active park assist 2.0*

For times when you don’t want to do it yourself, the new active park assist feature will automatically guide you into the parking spot. Simply hold down the Park Aid button, and Ranger will steer, accelerate and brake for you.

Glare free high beam

Ranger’s C-clamp LED headlights don’t just look great, they are smart and adaptive.

7 Airbags

Just because you drive a tough truck doesn’t mean you can’t have the same airbag safety as a family SUV. Ranger has 7 airbags, giving exceptional protection to every occupant, wherever they are seated.

Lane Keeping System with Road Edge Detection*

Designed with road-trips in mind, Ranger can provide gentle steering support to help prevent the vehicle from drifting off the carriageway. So advanced, it’s been designed to detect unmarked paved roads with soft verges, gravel hard shoulders and grass edges.

BLIS with Trailer Coverage*+]

Next-Gen Ranger takes blind-spot-detection to the next level. BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Trailer Coverage+ can alert you if a vehicle is detected in your Ranger’s or trailer’s blind spot. It’s added peace of mind and makes for safer and less stressful driving.

360-Degree Camera

Imagine being able to look down from above for a 360-degree birds eye view of everything around your vehicle. Ranger’s smart systems combine information from all cameras and present this view to you on the large center screen for easier and safer parking and maneuvering.

Ranger XL Highlights

Bold New Front Face

Capable and reliable, the XL is ready to work. The new black grille and halogen daytime running lamps showcase the global Built Ford Tough design.

Durable Wheels

Perfect for driving in rugged conditions, the XL comes with solid and durable 16-inch alloy wheels.

Coast-to-coast Dashboard

New coast-to-coast dashboard increases the sense of space and width in the cabin. The integrated 10-inch centre LED touchscreen is hi-tech with a tough, truck-inspired look.

Dark Interior Finish

XL features a tough, but stylish interior with incredibly comfortable and extremely durable materials in dark colors.

Ranger XLT Highlights

Bold New Front Face

Bold and assertive, the XLT is a great example of our global Built Ford Tough design. The new upper front grille with a central chrome bar interlocks into the distinctive C-Clamp LED headlamps. 

Dark Wheel Finish

With on and off-road adventures in mind the XLT comes with 17-inch wheels in a ‘Dark Sparkle Silver’ matt finish. 

New coast-to-coast dashboard

New coast-to-coast dashboard increases the sense of space and width in the cabin. The integrated 10-inch centre LED touchscreen is hi-tech with a tough truck inspired look.

Dark Interior Finish

More comfortable and more durable materials in dark colors and accents complement the XLT’s bold new exterior. The door trims feature a new hex pattern, and the air vents a satin aluminum finish to create a tough, but stylish interior.

Ranger Wildtrak Highlights

Unique Grille

Wildtrak’s unique grille design and tough-look mesh is surrounded by our new LED C-Clamp headlamps. The wider, lower mouth creates an even bolder and more distinctive signature look.

Standout Alloys

Imposing Boulder Grey 18-inch alloy wheels fill out Wildtrak’s flared arches.

Premium Hi-tech Dashboard

New coast-to-coast dashboard, featuring a soft wrapped 8-inch digital cluster and concealed storage compartment in front of the passenger.  Boasting SYNC®4, the 12-inch LED touchscreen is purposefully integrated to provide enhanced form and function.

Signature Interior Finish

With a stunning ebony interior, Wildtrak evokes unique character with Cyber Orange stitching, Boulder Grey accents and premium Satin Aluminum touchpoints. And, of course, the Signature Wildtrak logo in Cyber Orange on the seats.

Ranger Raptor Highlights

Signature Raptor Front

Big block ‘FORD’ letters on the grille signals nothing about Ranger Raptor is low-key. Dark accent Matrix LED’s, a chassis mounted bumper and super alloy skid plate stand out front, ready to lead the way. 

Off-road Alloys

Aggressive 17” off-road alloys fitted with BF Goodrich’s legendary K02 high performance all-terrain tires (T285/70 R17). Mountain pass or high-speed flats, just get in and go.

Unique Full Command Dash

12.8” digital instrument cluster with fully configurable layout and gauges sits in a coast-to-coast dash featuring a 12” centre touch screen. You have command. 

Ford Performance Seats

Inspired by Baja racing, new deep contoured seats help hold you in place while hard cornering or during landing. Features unique stitching and suede inserts for optimized comfort and looks.








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